Agile Architecture Factory: The Platform for agile IS Architects

With Axellience Agile Architecture Factory, business, software and IT architecture design become agile, at last.


You want developers and architects in SCRUM teams to easily synchronize their iterations and changes, but you don’t want to trade off between high standard architecture and agility.

When projects, products and applications need to reach the next enterprise level, you need to minimize risks.

To meet such needs, you want a new generation architecture solution, fully scalable and integrated with agile project management tools.

Tools box of the agile architect

Support the information system architecture

Willing to take advantage of digital transformation to re-document the IS and improve maintenance work?

From requirement gathering to design and implementation of business processes and IT components, Axellience Agile Architecture Factory supports best practices and standard including BPMN, DMN, Archimate and UML..

An online, SaaS solution with no deployment effort: ideal to involve stakeholders into collaborative processes and standard to build the IS architecture.


Agile Architecture Factory™ benefits from a 2-way integration with Atlassian Jira and Confluence.

Are you dreaming of a world where architects are developers and vice-versa? Open your eyes: now, both can use models as a GPS for their navigation across transformation, and scale up their work across the enterprise. They work together by increment to build the architecture in an iterative manner. The solution ensures consistent tracking between architecture models and project tickets, epics and users stories. It gives immediate access to the right documentation to illustrates changes.

As a result, you are in full command of agile transformations and you scale up architecture and design.

Your benefits

Increase your agility

  • Easily link customer perceived value to requirement gathering and process models
  • Automate document circulation to benefit from a global and detailed vision
  • Ease the collaboration with IT and software architects within agile projects that can scale up the enterprise
  • Use an incremental approach to balance business epics with collaboration-based fast feedback and max business value

Keep Your Agile Project Portfolio Under Control

  • Be a complete, agile architect and designer who reconciles business and IT
  • Use a unique repository gathering a global view of  business and IT architecture and projects
  • Ease communication and increase the speed of agile methods that scale up the entire value chain

You can count on agile architecture and architects!

  • Don’t wait for architects anymore! Architects become agile, they go as quick as you, with no trade off on quality
  • Easily find where to implement your changes and what for
  • Easily communicate with architects re. tickets and change requests

Whether at PI Planning or iteration phase :

  • Keep the backlog up to date for the team: prioritize user stories, defects and enablers according to criteria
  • Plan Iterations based on dependencies with peers POs, and validate final iteration plan
  • Accept stories based on collaboration. validate story against acceptance criteria
  • Ensure product quality and fitness for use thanks to acceptance tests
  • Collaborate with System and Solution Architects and engineering to understand technological enablers

Strengthen your client software factory with an architecture factory

  • Implement your clients’ Agile Architecture Factory
  • Let them improve agility across the entire lifecycle of architecture / development / production
  • Capitalize know-how and reuse successful experiences, projects and components
  • Get real time access to up-to-date models
  • Validate architectures with actual infrastructure constraints in mind
  • Benefit from a business vision of processes and data exchanges
  • Understand the impact of maintenance on the organization in the blink of an eye
  • Ensure the consistency between IS architecture and CMDB at no effort


Collaboration is critical to foster innovation and stir collective intelligence.

Agile Architecture Factory™ helps balance and share the architects’ modeling effort with stakeholders and to solve complex problems collaboratively.

The solution is inherently collaborative. Chatting, co-working, co-creation, information and report sharing, notifiations and online validation are just a few features to ease work.

Business and IT architects’ deliverables are more easily reusable for any value chain stakeholder.

ARCH-DEV-OPS, all the benefits of agile architecture



Streamline the Architecture process

Forget bottlenecks and manage more and smaller work units. Integrate business as well as operation teams.

You use collaborative processes to build the IS architecture.

Leverage architecture best practices for development

The architecture process boosts the IS and at last you can state “quick and clean” openly!

You know where to aim at for your developments and you control impacts.. Developments are more modular and efficient.

Deploy releases with shorter lifecycles

The IS architecture is designed to ease deployments and ensure reliability. You directly  improve the perceived value of digital products and your deployments are much more stable.

You reduce risks, you streamline your deployments and you accelerate the pace of delivery.

How does it work?


Agile Architecture Factory™ delivers consistent architecture, product and services models, always, anytime.

Architects work on their design models with as much agility as devops. A task, a ticket, 5-6 model changes: then developers reuse architects’ deliverables to perform coding.

In agile projects, architecture emerges as design progress along iterations. Our promise: keep a global understanding using real models instead of untrackable drawings scattered all over the place.

Thanks to easy model navigation and impact analysis, users are in command of dependency. One can smoothly navigate from a global vision to detailed models using BPMN, DMN, Archimate or UML standards.

The integration with agile project management tools allows to benefit from a unique and consistent version of the truth gathering architecture and projects.

Use cases

Your competitors already offer attractive mobile applications to tackle the open banking competition. Your clients are aware and endlessly require similar services. You know you need a quick response and the board of executives has already given it a go.

As an architect, you are under intense fire from development teams who require architecture change proposals and guidelines to seize this opportunity while avoiding regressions on the existing system. Devops team mean to maintain their agility level and cannot wait several months of requirement gathering before they start developing.

Thanks to the global vision provided by Axellience Agile Architecture Factory™, you easily identify required business and IT changes and  you anticipate the impacts on legacy. You communicate clear development expectations. Such developments are performed incrementally to respect agility principles while ensuring system integrity.

Thanks to you agile architecture approach, clients will benefit from a mobile aplication quicked than expected.

Your information system undergoes quite a concerning technical debt.
In a more and more competitive market, your IT teams need to keep evolving the company’s information system faster and faster, to ensure new insurance products can be create by assembly of modular parts. And with less and less budget, needless to say.

As an architect you take an important part in reducing the technical debt. But how can you keep the pace if devops teams increase it quicker than you reduce it? In your competitive context, it is impossible to stop new developments while the system is being refactored!

With Agile Architecture Factory™, you could integrate systems refactoring tasks into the normal agile development process applied to new IS components.

Thanks to the agility of your agile architecture approach, business lines will soon benefit from their own insurance factory.

Your IT teams are now fully agile, at least for development and operations – devops.
However, in your retail group, new applications will be released to improve customer experience, online and via mobile devices. Your devops colleagues assure that new features can be added and deployed within days.

In the architecture team, you find yourselves more and more often outside of the development decisions and lifecycle. Devops teams move on without you. To keep a global vision and understanding of the system, you are taken down to map the existing system after the facts. You have lost your leadership on systems envisioning and design, and the system consistency starts to show signs of weakness.

Using Agile Architecture Factory™ and approach you could at last work at a pace as agile as your devops peers.You will take back your architect seat and credibility as an integral part of the devops – archdevops should we say – lifecycle and approach. You will be proactive force and team member again.

Thanks to your adoption of agile architecture methods and tools, your retail group will soon be able to design and operate online applications for customers, hence reducing their attraction for competition.

Leading our customers and partners to great Agile Architecture Approach and Factory Implementation

Whether partners or customers, Axellience helps you implement your Agile Architecture Factory™. You are ensured to seize optimal benefits out of it.

Training, consulting, and personalized expertise are here to boost your transformation programs!

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Axellience technology is a great collaborative tool It's simple yet powerful, and we use it to drive our customers’ digital transformation initiatives
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We were looking for a solution that would support our clients in their business transformation. With Axellience, you finally get clarity and stay in control of all your transformation initiatives.
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Axellience enables our engineers to be more efficient and more qualitative during their consulting missions.
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We were looking for a solution that would support our clients in their business transformation. With Axellience, you finally get clarity and stay in control of all your transformation initiatives.
Maxence Snoy

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