GenMyModel: An open, collaborative and value-driven modeling & design platform to transform the IS Architecture

GenMyModel: The Platform for agile IS Architects

With GenMyModel, business, software and IT architecture design become agile, at last.


You want developers and architects in SCRUM teams to easily synchronize their iterations and changes, but you don’t want to trade off between high standard architecture and agility.

When projects, products and applications need to reach the next enterprise level, you mean to minimize risks.

To meet such needs, you want a next generation architecture solution, fully scalable and integrated with agile project management tools, and supportive of toolkits like SAFe and DA(D).


When adopting agiles approaches such as SAFe or DA(D), the IS architect’s responsibilities
change dramatically.

This human, “lean agile” driven challenge relies on facts from which the architect maintains connections across teams and lets the architecture emerge from collaborative best practices.

With Agile Architecture Factory™, the architecture of choice, the technologies, infrastructure and implementation provide an optimal flexibility in fulfilling requirements and providing business benefits across the value chain.

Your benefits

Increase your agility

  • Easily link customer perceived value to requirement gathering and process models
  • Automate document circulation to benefit from a global and detailed vision
  • Ease the collaboration with IT and software architects within agile projects that can scale up the enterprise
  • Use an incremental approach to balance business epics with collaboration-based fast feedback and max business value

Keep Your Agile Project Portfolio Under Control

  • Be a complete, agile architect and designer who reconciles business and IT
  • Use a unique repository gathering a global view of  business and IT architecture and projects
  • Ease communication and increase the speed of agile methods that scale up the entire value chain

You can count on agile architecture and architects!

  • Don’t wait for architects anymore! Architects become agile, they go as quick as you, with no trade off on quality
  • Easily find where to implement your changes and what for
  • Easily communicate with architects re. tickets and change requests

Whether at PI Planning or iteration phase :

  • Keep the backlog up to date for the team: prioritize user stories, defects and enablers according to criteria
  • Plan Iterations based on dependencies with peers POs, and validate final iteration plan
  • Accept stories based on collaboration. validate story against acceptance criteria
  • Ensure product quality and fitness for use thanks to acceptance tests
  • Collaborate with System and Solution Architects and engineering to understand technological enablers

Strengthen your client software factory with an architecture factory

  • Implement your clients’ Agile Architecture Factory
  • Let them improve agility across the entire lifecycle of architecture / development / production
  • Capitalize know-how and reuse successful experiences, projects and components
  • Get real time access to up-to-date models
  • Validate architectures with actual infrastructure constraints in mind
  • Benefit from a business vision of processes and data exchanges
  • Understand the impact of maintenance on the organization in the blink of an eye
  • Ensure the consistency between IS architecture and CMDB at no effort

They chose Axellience

With Agile Architecture Factory ™, Ardennes-Etape has found the perfect fit to easily define, design, change, formally document and above all share complex enterprise processes. Not only they are accessible to all stakeholders. but developers can also directly enrich them with application architecture information, Let alone the excellent support and advisory service from both the sales and tech teams at Axellience.
Dmitri Goosens
We were looking for a solution that would support our clients in their business transformation. With Axellience, you finally get clarity and stay in control of all your transformation initiatives.
Maxence Snoy
Axellience enables our engineers to be more efficient and more qualitative during their consulting missions.
Guillaume Ovtcharenko
Axellience technology is a great collaborative tool It's simple yet powerful, and we use it to drive our customers’ digital transformation initiatives
Eric Bianchi

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