About Axellience

Axellience is run by a dedicated passionate, focused and hard working team. We roll up our sleeves to co-create value-added solutions with our customers and partners.

Our vision and mission

Agile enterprises are those that adapt their offering, organization and resources to the fast-paced business ecosystem. To seize business opportunities, their top priorities involve market understanding and customer experience.

Agile enterprises are willing to invest better. They focus on tools that support digital transformation governance and decision making.

Our mission at Axellience is to provide collaborative, graphical, integrated and user-friendly software solutions for business transformation. Getting all stakeholders involved is a priority. Buy-in from all parties boosts synergies and helps deliver optimal customer experience.

About us

Axellience was the first IT vendor to build an online, collaborative modeling platform. We are the only software company to deliver a google-drive-like modeling environment allowing co-creation based on a common repository. At axellience we leverage thousands of happy users of our GenMyModel product brand. GenMyModel online Modeling platform is fast and intuitive, relies on industry standards – UML, BPMN, Archimate and more – and is natively collaborative.
We build upon these assets and expertise to deliver Axellience’s Business Transformer suite for digital business tranformation.


Unlike veteran and other renowned players in the software industry, we have chosen to design simpler products that deliver tangible value to users and decision makers. We implement co-creation processes to speed up delivery and optimize customer experience.

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We remain focused… on simplicity.

Our teams are aware that you will grow into our solutions at your own pace. We keep each product simple and user-friendly. We spend time and energy selecting the best technology. We wrap it in tools that remain simple for you to learn, use and promote!

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We are keen on delivering products that can change fast, so we can keep up with your needs and deliver new capabilities in a matter of weeks. Just ask, it will be given to you.

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The team

Alexis Muller

chief executive officer

Jean-Marie Zirano

chief marketing officer

Laurent Hénault

chairman of the board

We strongly believe
in partnership

Being a successful player in the software industry involves being part of a network of partners in different and complementary fields.

Are you a consulting & services partner? Your firm provides invaluable know-how for digital transformation. You benefit from Axellience products to optimize the delivery of your consulting assignments. You trust proven, well-defined processes and methods.

Are you an integration partner? No need to reinvent the wheel! Innovative technology already exists and, when proven successful, deserves to be reused. Let’s combine our products to offer increased value to our customers.

Are you a sales partner? Help your customer choose the right tool for optimal digital transformation. Become a trusted advisor.

Join the team

Are you innovative? Do you wish to work along other innovators? Do you want to contribute your know-how and be part of a growing team? Tell us more about yourself!