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Break your business transformation program into easily manageable chunks with Axellience Business Transformer Suite

4 steps


In the tool


Asset Discovery & Mapping

You can’t head anywhere without a map.
Build an asset inventory to align all stakeholders.

With the Axellience solution, Service Designers and all involved stakeholders collaboratively build an inventory of enterprise assets around customer experience and journey maps.
They can easily share graphical reports and dashboards for optimal understanding and decision making.

Evaluation & Strategy

Use metrics to assess operating models.
Assess situation and set the direction to the target operating model.

The solution agregates metrics to shed light on transformation requirements and progress. Sentiment analysis, process performance, cloud readiness and other indicators are collected and populate reports. These can be easily shared among stakeholders to facilitate decision making.
Comparing and selecting options and plans is much easier.

Business Transformation

Explore all possible scenarios. The customer journey is the heart of digital transformation and the starting point for all action plans.

With Axellience Business Transformer, the CDO has full command on transformation programs.
The collaborative platform offers a comprehensive overview to all business and IT departments involved. Dashboards and reports facilitates communication among all involved stakeholders.

Reevaluation / Continuous improvement

CX improvement is ongoing. Whether looking to implement quick wins or a thorough digital transformation, customer experience always leads the way.

Need to reevaluate? The Axellience solution ensure constant consistency between your target operating model and your enterprise assets.

All stakeholders benefit from a single version of the truth.


The Axellience Business Transformer Suite allows you to drive successful digital transformation programs. It is customer-centric and collaborative at its core.

All too often, tools for office automation, enterprise architecture, portfolio management or corporate strategic planning are too complex and IT-oriented, or fall short. Axellience Business Transformer Suite lets you break down complex, multi-party problems into easily manageable chunks.

Axellience Business Tranformer Suite delivers 3 main benefits


Online, collaborative, role-based information for sharing, reporting and decision making.


Metrics, indicators, objectives and customer experience data are easy to view and share. Decisions are easy to enact.

Navigation and impact analysis

All involved stakeholders easily collect information to build and share decision-ready reports and dashboards. They ensure the consistency of their digital journey.

Stakeholders collaboration

Collaboration is critical to foster innovation and stir collective intelligence and expert knowledge. The Axellience Business Transformer helps you make quick wins while making well-informed digital transformation decisions to solve business issues quickly.

The solution is inherently collaborative. Chatting, co-working, co-creation, information and report sharing, and other collaborative features are built-in.

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