Interested in teaming up with us to deliver an outstanding and agile architecture factory to your customers?

Axellience Partners deliver the GenMyModel product as an integral part of their core offering or standalone. See below for details.

Find the partner program that’s right for you

Become an Integration


Axellience Integration Partner Program is for companies that want to build a smart integration between their technology and Axellience’s software to provide specific added value for new opportunities

Become a Consulting
& Service Partner


Axellience “Consulting & Services Partner” program is for companies willing to enrich their agile software with an agile architecture factory and increase responsiveness to business transformation needs.

Become a Sales

Axellience Sales Partner Program is for independent consultants, coaches and trainers who want their client to leverage outstanding tools and  benefit from optimal agility in their software and architecture factories.


Increase market share!

Axellience’s approach to digital transformation relies on the agility of the value chain that underpins the enterprise information system.

Whether your solutions help listen to social media and streamline customers’ advocacy, automates processes or automates modeling itself, the integration with GenMyModel by Axellience increases your market share and opens your own solutions to new market segments.


Become a Consulting & Services partner


You have a unique opportunity to build a consulting business line backed
by GenMyModel, a modern digital transformation
platform that makes digital transformation simple. All-in-one software.
With Axellience’s help, there’s no limit to how much you can scale your growth
and lead your clients up a path to increased architecture agility.

You deliver efficient solutions and gain a leading edge in your market. And if you wish you can perform a white-label integration of GenMyModel into your own solutions.

Become a Sales Partner


Axellience Sales Partner Program is for independent consultants, coaches and trainers who mean to help their clients choose the right tool for optimal digital transformation.

Become a referral partner and earn commission on Axellience’s software sales when you refer good-fit clients. Axellience’s Sales Partners recommend Axellience’s solutions anywhere in the world and deliver value-added implementation, service and support.

Sales Partners provide in-depth local market knowledge and privileged relationship with their clients. They guarantee excellence in delivering Axellience’s solutions and ensure top quality implementation and follow up so customers’ experience with Axellience is optimal.

They are partners

We help customers define the digital transformation strategy that will achieve operational excellence  


We aim to bring real added value to customer relations. This is expressed in our commitment to objectives, in a high level of expertise and, finally, in long-lasting customer relations  


Axellience enables our engineers to be more efficient and more qualitative during their consulting missions


Together we assess your organization's digital readiness and we set the path toward a digital, pragmatic business model >Website  
More than 30 years of experience in IT methodologies, including more than 15 years promoting project management (Agile or Not) and good practices, Jean-Luc MAZE is a Certified Professional Coach   >Website  

Partnership is in our DNA

Just as we are passionate about creating great software, we’re equally passionate about supporting our partners. We provide guidance, support, and training to help you and your customers succeed.