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Axellience Partners recommend or offer Axellience software as an integrated part of their core offering or standalone. See below for details of partnerships.

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Become an Integration

Axellience Integration Partner Program is for companies that want to build a smart integration between their technology and Axellience’s software to provide specific added value

Become a Consulting
& Service Partner

Axellience Consulting & Services Partner Program is for companies willing to grow their business by providing exceptional digital transformation governance and implementation to their clients.

Become a Sales

Axellience Sales Partner Program is for independent consultants, coaches and trainers who want their client to leverage outstanding tools to benefit from for optimal digital transformation governance.

Become an Integration Partner

Axellience Integration Partner Program helps you build a solution combined
with Axellience’s technology in a smartly and seamlessly integrated way.
You can use one module or all of them, we can also
help you customize the modules you choose to your needs.
As a result together we deliver a full blown,
end-to-end solution to clients.

You would like to brand our software to your name ? talk to us.

Find new targets for your solution and increase market share

Axellience’s approach to digital transformation is customer experience-centric. Whether your solutions help listen to social media and customer feedback or streamline customers’ advocacy, there is a reason to explore how to integrate them with Axellience Business Transformer for an optimal digital transformation.

Via an integration with Axellience Business Transformer, you increase your market share and you open your own solutions to new market segments.


Deliver increased value and business outcome

There is immense value in delivering an end-to-end solution to your customers. You work with your Axellience product marketing and technical integration managers to co-create an end-to-end, innovative solution for your clients.

A mutually beneficial integration generates increased customer satisfaction as you deliver an end-to-end solution to more users and roles.

You offer value-added solutions that keep more client users happy.


Save time and generate better ROI

 Axellience Business Transformer Suite helps you be more productive because it is easy to learn: it relies on standards such as Archimate, BPMN and DMN. Its API and integration capabilities minimize interoperability efforts.

You save precious time and the guidanceyou get from Axellience experts helps you focus on what is important for your customers.


Become a Consulting & Services partner

You have a unique opportunity to build a consulting business line backed
by Axellience Business Transformer, a modern digital transformation
platform that makes digital transformation simple. All-in-one software.
With Axellience’s help, there’s no limit to how much you can scale your growth
and lead your clients up a path to digital transformation success.
You deliver efficient solutions and gain a leading edge in your market.

Digital transformation is a hotspot. Aragon research’s 2017 prediction states that “Customer Journey Mapping is poised to grow into a US $5-billion market by 2022”. “Engaging your prospects and customers on an outside-in approach to rework their service proposition is core”, Jim Sinur, VP Research at Aragon, adds.

Axellience CX-centric Business Transformer helps you and your clients make the outside-in digital transformation simpler based on a CX pivot. You work with your Axellience channel account manager to build a plan to co-sell new inbound retainer clients.


Offering cloud-based software in addition to your digital transformation services enables your company to clearly articulate the value you bring to your client. Our software will create a unique differentiator.

You  streamline internal processes, improve your operational efficiency and capitalize on your customers success through already-made project templates to deliver repeatable results and business outcome.


Offering access to Axellience Business Transformer Suite allows your company to build larger retainer agreements with your clients. You Get software discounts exclusive to Axellience partners.

You find ways to establish sustainable relationship as a trusted advisor in various departments of your clients organization (CMO, CDO, IT and more).

As you show the ROI of your services, it’ll be easier to incorporate new strategies and services into each client engagement.


Our software is easy to use: it relies on standards like BPMN, DMN, ARCHIMATE and UML. Your consultants quickly adopt it so your return on investment is nearly immediate.

A dedicated Axellience consultant will help you and your team successfully onboard and implement Axellience’s software for your first client.


The implementation of Axellience software generates customer satisfaction as you Leave convincing deliverables, you establish sustainable relationship as a trusted advisor and you set the ground for recurring consulting missions at strategic level.

This enables you to offer repeatable services that keep clients engaged in recurring retainer services.


Become a Sales Partner


Axellience Sales Partner Program is for independent consultants, coaches and trainers who mean to help their clients choose the right tool for optimal digital transformation.

Become a referral partner and earn commission on Axellience’s software sales when you refer good-fit clients. Axellience’s Sales Partners recommend Axellience’s solutions anywhere in the world and deliver value-added implementation, service and support.

Sales Partners provide in-depth local market knowledge and privileged relationship with their clients. They guarantee excellence in delivering Axellience’s solutions and ensure top quality implementation and follow up so customers’ experience with Axellience is optimal.

They are partners

We help customers define the digital transformation strategy that will achieve operational excellence   › Website
We aim to bring real added value to customer relations. This is expressed in our commitment to objectives, in a high level of expertise and, finally, in long-lasting customer relations.   › Website
Axellience enables our engineers to be more efficient and more qualitative during their consulting missions.
We aim to bring real added value to customer relations. This is expressed in our commitment to objectives, in a high level of expertise and, finally, in long-lasting customer relations.   › Website

Partnership is in our DNA

Just as we are passionate about creating great software, we’re equally passionate about supporting our partners. We provide guidance, support, and training to help you and your customers succeed.

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