Drive your business transformation with the Axellience Business Transformer Suite

A collaborative CX-centric intelligence platform with market standard models and best practice reports. Get all stakeholders on board!

An integrated Suite

Service designers and customer experience specialists create personas and customer journeys from pre-built templates.

Axellience Customer Journey Manager automatically generates customer experience reports and dashboards. The module allows for seamless navigation to and from business processes and IT landscape designed using AXELLIENCE BUSINESS TRANSFORMER SUITE.

During this work phase, participants can easily log any idea or improvement action to be conducted in the future.

Clic on the other modules of the suite below to discover their benefits.

Thanks to its 2-way integration with work and resource management such as Atlassian Jira and Confluence, AXELLIENCE Business Transformer extends collaboration to successful projects and programs achievement.

As a transformation leader, you can easily track changes and progress for all artifacts and action supporting organization and IT transformation. Similarly, anytime,  you are one click away from your projects progress reports.

Supports standard E/R notations for data and information architects to build data models and information semantics. Automates the generation of glossaries for stakeholders to quickly agree on business terms.


Supports standard DMN notation to design complex decisions and integrate them in the business model. Supports decision tables. integrates with rules engines.


Supports standard notations (Archimate, UML), for business and IT Architects to build asset inventories, link the right resources to processes and journey maps, and explore transformation options.


Allows business analysts to build standard (BPMN) process maps, and to analyze and communicate current and target operating models. Easily links processes and process steps to customer journey touchpoints.


Axellience business transformer suite

The Axellience Business Transformer Suite allows you to drive successful digital transformation programs. It is customer-centric and collaborative at its core.

All too often, tools for office automation, enterprise architecture, portfolio management or corporate strategic planning are too complex and IT-oriented, or fall short. Axellience Business Transformer Suite lets you break down complex, multi-party problems into easily manageable chunks.


Work & Resource Management

Bidirectional integration with agility tools allows users to follow any action plan across execution and until successful completion.


Actions and Ideas

Thinking of ideas and actions? Anytime users can log actions and ideas. They will be reused later for improvement plans and ideation campaigns aiming at customer centric innovation.

Reporting and KPIs

KPIs, reports and dashboard templates allow users to gather metrics and deliver and share striking renderings, for optimal decision making.

API and Integration

Streamline value delivery using API and integration capabilities with tools like customer experience analytics, project and work resource management, wikis and more.

Cloud, Web, Online

No deployment. Immediately available. Automated updates.


Enjoy co-creation and streamlined teamwork. Use the built-in social, exchange and communication capabilities.

Versioning and time machine

Need to go back in time? The time machine provides built-in history snapshots, animation and traceability. Reusing artifacts is a no-brainer.

Document generation

Automatically document any artifact. Easily create and share reports for cross-silo communication and decision making.

Axellience Business Tranformer Suite delivers 3 main benefits

Navigation and impact analysis

All involved stakeholders easily collect information to build and share decision-ready reports and dashboards. They ensure the consistency of their digital journey.

Agile Projects with Co-Creation

Bidirectional integration with agility tools allows users to follow any artifact and action plan across execution via ad-hoc reporting and notification.


Metrics, indicators, objectives and customer experience data are easy to view and share. Decisions are easy to enact.

Your benefits

Service Designer

  • Adopt a holistic approach to business service design
  • Get immediate business buy-in
  • Host collaborative workshops with business leaders
  • Design services from A to Z with no loss-time and a focus on value proposition
  • Easily explore entry and exit points and check consistency of delivered services
  • Have both flowcharting and customer journey mapping at your fingertips
  • Go from paper to online documentation – fast & easy
  • Easily communicate with the business in business terms
  • Streamline communication with UX and UI designers

IT Architect, CIO

  • Easily leverage customer experience to justify IT improvements
  • Prioritize IT transformation programs with customer experience in mind
  • Seamlessly toggle from customer emotion and feedback to potential IT improvements
  • Link customers expectations to technology innovation opportunities
  • Understand at a glance the impact of IT resources on business processes and customer experience
  • Use objective, customer-driven metrics to prioritize IT modernization and ITportfolio management programs

Business Architect

  • Easily communicate process design and performance metrics
  • Speak in customer value and business terms
  • Quickly identify process defects that directly impact customer experience
  • Seamlessly link business and organizational resources to customer journeys touchpoints
  • Automate the delivery of reports and dashboards that speak the language of the business

Chief Digital Officer

  • Easily organize the governance of your digital business transformation programs
  • Get every business transformation stakeholder on board at the right time
  • Distribute information and decision-ready deliverables to all stakeholders, including the Board
  • Have performance indicators at your fingertips across your operating model (Business, organization, IT, etc.)
  • Use a crowdsourcing approach to gather expert information directly from those who know
  • Offer the right tooling to each stakeholder depending on their role

Integration Partner

  • Get customer buy-in at first sight during the presales phases
  • Offer your teams an online, integrated digital transformation platform from project start
  • Use the same communication medium with all stakeholders, including customers
  • Deliver consistent, sustainable business outcome to customers
  • Transfer digital transformation competence and autonomy to customers
  • Improve consultants’ learning curve and provide a productive working environment
  • Capitalize your specific know-how and methods and reuse them as required

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