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The online, collaborative and graphical solution available anytime anywhere to make business and IT architecture modeling and design activities pleasant and proactive.


There’s an architect in all of us… and we’re not alone.

Tired of running desperately after developers and after obsolete information to update your blueprints, while Ops are already thinking of the next release? Of running after business lines to review process models, while new hires join the company and that the organisation changes constantly?

Thinking a business and IT architecture today means designing it quickly, collaboratively and maintaining it over time. To do so Agile Architecture Factory™ brings you ready-to-use modeling standards and a powerful toolset for your architecture team to update documentation and perform impact analysis.

Welcome to the #AgileArchitect generation!

Now you can share your business and IT architecture design real time with all stakeholders involved in the digital value chain.


Axellience Agile Architecture Factory™ is natively designed to fuel and boost IS Architecture transformation and support collaborative innovation.
The solution is built upon an open repository to ensure easy access to all necessary information and documents for all stakeholders and roles involved.

The persona model helps define a type of customer, employee or user and give it social, psychological characteristics that are critical to develop new products or services.

Journey mapping allows business architects to graphically depict what steps a customer, employee or user goes through. It also allows to analyse requirements, behavior, expectations and emotions. The resulting journey map model can be enriched with field data to reflect the reality much more acutely.

The navigation between the two models is easy, as well as from journey maps to other architecture and design models (e.g. UML, archimate) to enrich a target architecture documentation.


IT and software architects use OMG’s UML standard to design application, technical components and services.

The graphical environment allows users to easily navigate from use cases to components – class, sequence models… – used to design software and IT solutions architecture.

UML models are easily linked to other models of the business and IT architecture design (Archimate, BPMN…)


Agile Architecture Factory™ ships with native support of the ARCHIMATE standard. This simple visual language and its graphical notation allow to easily communicate with business and technical peers both at a high and detailed level.

It also allows to put changes under control in sometimes complex environments that require to circulate documentation back and forth between architects and devops teams.


Agile Architecture Factory™ supports E/R standard notations for semantic and data models. Architects can automate the generation and sharing of glossaries and dictionaries of business terms used at enterprise level.  

They can also design and reverse engineer data models and link them to other IT and business models, such as UML, Archimate and BPMN.


The DMN standard – Decision Modeling Notation – is available for business architects to design decisions and integrate them into the process and enterprise models. Decision rules are easily entered under diagram or decision table form. They can be used by market rules engines.

DMN-based Decision models are integrated with BPMN process models and the navigation between the two is seamless.


The widely adopter BPMN standard – Business Process Modeling Notation – is available to business and process architects to design target or existing organization processes. Steps, decisions and any information are easily linked to other models such as journey maps and UML or Archimate models.


LiveView™: dynamic, online, up-to-date architecture documentation available anytime

Modeling = documenting!
Thanks to built-in, automated Agile Architecture Factory™ documentation capability, all stakeholders benefit from an online, read-only access to the LiveView™ architecture documentation portal.

Whether you access it from a mobile or desktop/laptop device, LiveView™ is always up-to-date, as it is built dynamically while architects perform their modeling activity.

LiveView™ is entirely customizable to comply with company’s GUI charter and it provides specific content depending on reader’s role.


Axellience Agile Architecture Factory™ allows business and IT architects to work at devops speed and ensure agility all along the design to operations value chain.  

Tools for office automation, enterprise architecture, portfolio management or corporate strategic planning are known to be millstones around the neck: too complex, too slow, too heavy.

Axellience Agile Architecture Factory™ lets architects break down complex, multi-party problems into easily manageable chunks and they can design the required components without loosing the big picture: they become agile and can scale agility depending on organization size and project scope.

Main Features

Work & Resource Management

The 2-way integration with agile project management tools allows you to track architecture changes, tickets  and action plans until completion.


Actions and Ideas

Capture actions and ideas as soon as they pop up! Reuse them to organize your and improvement requirements and tickets.

Open reporting

With built-in generic indicators and objectives, you use your repository to make well informed decisions based on  ad-hoc reports.

API and Integration

An open, rich API as well as integration functions allow users to build bidirectional integrations with all sorts of tools (testing, code proofing…).

Cloud, Web, Online

No deployment. Immediately available. Automated updates.


Enjoy co-creation and streamlined teamwork. Use the built-in social, exchange and communication capabilities.

Versioning and time machine

Need to go back in time? The time machine provides built-in history snapshots, animation and traceability. Reusing artifacts is a no-brainer.

Document generation

Automatically document any artifact. Easily create and share reports for cross-silo communication and decision making.

Agile Architecture Factory™  delivers 3 main benefits

Agile Architecture, at last!

IT, software and IT architects work as quickly as devops: the entire value chain is agile!

Agile Projects with Co-Creation

Bidirectional integration with agility tools allows users to follow any artifact and action plan across execution via ad-hoc reporting and notification.


Inject and collect indicators, objectives and concrete data to make well-informed decision with ad-hoc reports.

Your benefits

Increase your agility

  • Take your part in market understanding and segmentation
  • Save time thanks to process modeling standards (BPMN)
  • Speed up requirement gathering
  • In one click,  identify and link process steps that positively influence customer experience
  • Easily communicate easy to read business process models
  • Optimize interactions with users in their own language
  • Analyze impacts of changes thanks to model-based reports (and not just drawings)
  • Easily define manageable, compact work units so as to optimize agile project methods
  • Keep a birds view and a global understanding while benefiting all involved roles (product owners, IT architects…)

Keep Your Agile Project Portfolio Under Control

  • Leadership: design beforehand instead of running after updates.
  • Visibility: benefit from a global view and from links into the business. Anticipate the impacts of changes.
  • Quality: provide architecture rules and principles that development teams can easily understand and respect.
  • Anticipate the collaborative emergence of IT architecture
  • Document from the beginning IT systems that become increasingly complex
  • Control the architecture debt as an integral part of the technical debt
  • Support and synchronize development teams with the right tools and agile methods
  • Speed up response to business needs via increased component reuse
  • Put SAFE framework current and future “Solution Intent” under control

You can count on agile architecture and architects!

Modeling saves more time than you lose without it!

  • Quality: easily understand and comply with architecture rules
  • Maintainability, trackability: easily link your code with requirements
  • Benefit from the integration with Jira and Confluence, agile documenbtation and project management tools
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel!
    Restart from existing models to avoid the black page
  • Easily find where to go for your next changes
  • Just in time and just enough: design only what’s required and then share
  • Benefit from both an aggregated and detailed view based on a global vision
  • Your models are the “enterprise google maps”: their level of detail changes depending on your zoom level

Speed up delivery!

Combine buysiness and IT models in a unique repository

  • Ensure your product quality with no trade off on agility
  • Visibility: benefit from a global vision
  • Bring the user vision  and enrich technical models
  • Speed up decisions about solution implementation and changes
  • Ensure functional consistency to anticipate and speed up releases
  • Ensure applications stability and blueprint consistency thanks to the integration ar integration with Jira for agile project management
  • With models that are kept consistent and up-to-date, prepare the next iterations based on past iterations documentation with Confluence

Strengthen your client software factory with an architecture factory

  • Add an Agile Architecture Factory to your clients’ software factory with no trade off on agility
  • Benefit from a online transformation platform as of the beginning of your missions
  • Use a single communication means for architecture and projects, across all stakeholders
  • Let your clients benefit from more autonomy for their agile transformations
  • Improve teams the learning curve with a productive ork environment
  • Capitalize and reuse your know-how more often

Agility in production

  • Accédez en temps réel à des modèles toujours à jour
  • Validez les architectures proposées par rapport à la réalité des infrastructures
  • Bénéficiez d’une vision des processus métier, des échanges de données
  • Comprenez en un coup d’oeil les impacts de vos opérations de maintenance
  • Enrichissez dynamiquement la cartographie du SI
  • Assurez sans effort la cohérence entre l’architecture SI et vos CMDB
  • Automate dashboard, report and document generation for the business
  • Ease collaboration and communication with business and IT architects



Collaboration is critical to foster innovation and stir collective intelligence.

Agile Architecture Factory™ helps balance and share the architects’ modeling effort with stakeholders and to solve complex problems collaboratively.

The solution is inherently collaborative. Chatting, co-working, co-creation, information and report sharing, notifiations and online validation are just a few features to ease work.

Business and IT architects’ deliverables are more easily reusable for any value chain stakeholder.

ARCH-DEV-OPS, all the benefits of agile architecture


Streamline the Architecture process

Forget bottlenecks and manage more and smaller work units. Integrate business as well as operation teams.

You use collaborative processes to build the IS architecture.

Leverage architecture best practices for development

The architecture process boosts the IS and at last you can state “quick and clean” openly!

You know where to aim at for your developments and you control impacts.. Developments are more modular and efficient.

Deploy releases with shorter lifecycles

The IS architecture is designed to ease deployments and ensure reliability. You directly  improve the perceived value of digital products and your deployments are much more stable.

You reduce risks, you streamline your deployments and you accelerate the pace of delivery.

How does it work?


Agile Architecture Factory™ delivers consistent architecture, product and services models, always, anytime.

Architects work on their design models with as much agility as devops. A task, a ticket, 5-6 model changes: then developers reuse architects’ deliverables to perform coding.

In agile projects, architecture emerges as design progress along iterations. Our promise: keep a global understanding using real models instead of untrackable drawings scattered all over the place.

Thanks to easy model navigation and impact analysis, users are in command of dependency. One can smoothly navigate from a global vision to detailed models using BPMN, DMN, Archimate or UML standards.

The integration with agile project management tools allows to benefit from a unique and consistent version of the truth gathering architecture and projects.

Leading our customers and partners to great Agile Architecture Approach and Factory Implementation

Whether partners or customers, Axellience helps you implement your Agile Architecture Factory™. You are ensured to seize optimal benefits out of it.

Training, consulting, and personalized expertise are here to boost your transformation programs!


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