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With KickStart, we strap you in so you can quickly work with all the facets of our software. No need for advanced (and boring) training. We are by your side!

Customer Insight

Feedback and intuition are not enough to assess your customer experience. Need tangible metrics? Talk to us!

Tech Support

Our support will delight you. Customer service is in our DNA. We listen and provide continuous improvement to the Business Transformer Suite.


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Kickstart: the right expertise at the right time

With Axellience Business Transformer Suite, Chief Digital Officers, Service Designers, consulting teams and IT and Business Architects can evaluate the current situation and assess the digital maturity of the organization in terms of customer experience, organizational processes, and business and IT assets prior to defining priorities and actions plans. Improve your learning curve with the help of Axellience experts.

Customer Insight

Collect data to turn customer feedback into actionable information

You provide us with your customer data (email contents, chat threads, social network information, etc.),
from which we render customer emotional analytics and alerts.
This data is used to create tangible assessment metrics, such as heatmaps and analytics.
You can use them to start transitioning towards your target operating model.

Customer support

The Business Transformer Suite must be continuously available to your users. Questions must be answered quickly and with minimal business disruption.
We constantly improve upon the Business Transformer Suite to stay ahead of market needs, and deliver updates to optimize your user experience.
Our Technical Support team will go the extra mile to provide outstanding customer satisfaction.
Consult and share your knowledge on the Axellience support portal. For your convenience, our community-based portal is available 24/7.

Trust our partners

Our partners are black belts in digital transformation, and will guide you through your digital innovation and transformation journey.
They know how to use the Axellience Business Transformer Suite to establish a clear view of your current situation and provide a transition plan.
They measure your capability of meeting your customer expectations, digitize your operations and become digital masters.

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