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Axellience delivers professional services that help you streamline your architecture factory approach and adopt principled agile methods.

Optimize your architecture with our team

Optimize resource on your transformation projects. Axellience consultants’ architecture experience and expertise boost the value of your projects and approach.

They assist you until the value of project deliverables is optimal.

Assess your architecture maturity. Collect quality and performance indicators. Plan and launch your transformation program.

Axellience consultants build an inventory of your architecture using model-based visualization techniques (including digital twin). They implement and automate the collection of performance indicators to populate dashboards. Based on which you design a transformation program backed by operational data.

Assess your agility level and get ready for transitioning : combining two approaches or extending agile methods to all projects ?

Thanks to an interactive approach, Axellience agile specialists consultants build an inventory of your projects and assess your method. Based on which they come up with a transition plan to adopt agility across the board.

Axellience consultants apply a proven approach and tools to assess the technical and organizational maturity of your value chains

Using value stream maps, they measure the global efficiency of your processes, identify improvement points and build an action plan (training, tooling and directions for optimization). 

Once the plan’s cost vs expected benefits are clearly stated, it is presented to your teams. If you choose to do so, Axellience commits to roll up sleeves and implement all or part of it.

SAFe Devops

SAFe Architect

2-day Certification course for technical, non technical and leadership roles, who will work collaboratively to optimize their Value Stream.

Participants will learn what devops is and why their role is critical. They will design a continuous release pipeline adapted to their enterprise.
They will work in multidisciplinary teams to 

  • Map their current value stream (moving from initial idea to generating tangible financial benefits),
  • identify the main bottlenecks,
  • build an achievable action plan to increase the benefits of DevOps for their organization.

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3-day Certification course for architects (application, system & enterprise) who commit as leaders and change agents. They collaboratively design and build architecture solutions.

Participants will explore the role, responsibilities and mindset of agile architects. They will understand how to align architecture and Value Stream to support their organization program execution. 

This course targets 

  • senior technical contributors who mean to understand the role of architects in Lean-Agile approaches,
  • those who mean to understand how architecture can ensure a continuous value stream in large scale initiatives.

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Represent your processes and assets to visualize and improve performance based on heatmaps.

The standard visual rendering of your processes and system resources is used as a support to represent operational data and key performance indicators. 

Such values are represented in visual diagrams to build up performance control dashboards, based on which you easily understand, anticipate and optimize your performance to deliver optimal value. 

Axellience consultants help you implement automated data collection and performance analysis. Your models deliver immediate value that boosts – and backs – decision making.

Select and deploy the right standards depending on projects expectations.

Les modèles et notations d’architecture (BPMN, UML, Archimate, DMN, E/R…) permettent à vos équipes de standardiser les démarches, d’uniformiser les pratiques et d’augmenter leur productivité. Les solutions Axellience les supportent. 

Selon le point de vue de l’utilisateur, la nature du projet et la démarche retenue, vous souhaitez utiliser la meilleure combinaison de notations possible.

Les consultants d’Axellience vous aident à faire le bon choix et à articuler les standards choisis avec la plus grande efficacité. Ils vous aident aussi à structurer vos livrables sur les projets pour une meilleure valeur perçue et un processus de documentation collaboratif et partagé.


Populate your architecture repository with the right models and automate the generation of the right documentation.

You want to avoid the least error on your architecture projects, particularly at projects startup. 

You are likely to start populating your architecture repository based on project objectives and available data (e.g. CMDB, application or process and organization maps…).

Axellience consultants assist you in making the best possible choices. They help you build up your architecture repository and documentation so you deliver optimal value to all stakeholders on your transformation projects.

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With KickStart, we strap you in so you can quickly work with all the facets of our software. No need for advanced (and boring) training. We are by your side!

Customer Support

Our support will delight you. Customer service is in our DNA. We listen and provide continuous improvement to the Business Transformer Suite.

Trusted partner

Our partners provide end-to-end architecture transformation support and services, implementing Agile Architecture Factory™ in your own environment


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Kickstart: the right expertise at the right time

With Axellience Agile Architecture Factory™, agile architects and devops teams
work hand in hand to improve business processes, application and IT components
and resources. They stress short iterations to define priorities, action plans and
sprints with as much agility as possible.

Boost your learning curve with Axellience experts and with our consulting,
integration and ESN partners.

Customer support

Axellience Agile Architecture Factory must be continuously available to your users. Questions must be answered quickly and with minimal business disruption.

We constantly improve Axellience Agile Architecture Factory to stay ahead of market needs, and deliver updates to optimize your user experience.

Our Technical Support team will go the extra mile to provide outstanding customer satisfaction.

Consult and share your knowledge on the Axellience support portal. For your convenience, our community-based portal is available 24/7.

Trust our partners

Our partners are black belts in agile architecture. They will guide you through your digital innovation and transformation journey.

They know how to use Axellience Agile Architecture Factory to establish a clear view of your current situation and provide a transition plan for every step of your practice.

They will also help you implement an optimal organization. They will ensure the agility of your entire value chain.

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